Usability Testing: The Basics and Limitations

Case Study for NOON Lighting System

Background on NOON

Limitations to Creating a Complete Usability Test

  • How to connect the Room Director to the light switches
  • How to control the lights with the switches
  • How to control lighting with the app itself
  • Understanding how to set up certain lighting modes with the app

Defining Usability and Goals

  • Understanding what the director and extension switches are
  • Using the app to connect directly to the lighting system is clear and easy
  • Each step of the setup on the app is easy to understand
  • How to add an extension to the director is understandable
  • test the ease of setting up NOON lighting after it has been already set up
  • reveal confusing parts of the experience
  • identify any bugs or issues with the app

Testing the System with Participants

  1. Open the Noon App and login
  • After logging in, connect to the Wi-Fi
  • On the next screen select “open plan”
  • Then add a director and pair it
  • After pairing, select “No” on the next screen
  • Select “Get Started” On the next screen
  • Select “Recessed” for the type of ceiling light
  • Select how many lights and go to next screen
  • Click “Auto” for the system to set bulb type
  • Wait for lights to be tested then click next
  • Then click “Done Adding Extensions
  • Test the different lighting settings
  • Click the settings icon
  • Click “Rooms”
  • Click “Open Plan”
  • Click “Add a Noon Switch”
  • Click the plus button
  • Select “Office Area”
  • Follow instructions on screen
  • Test the lights on the director and the extension.
  • Was the NOON app easy to use and understand?
  • What was confusing about using NOON Lighting?
  • What was confusing about the test?
  • Would you buy this product for yourself?

Results of Group 1, Users with the Walkthrough:

Results of Group 2, Users with no Walkthrough:

Recommendations & Action Items

Final Thoughts: What I Would Do Differently with this Test



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