Chelsea Hansen

IAMA Non-Profit Website

I decided to redesign IAMA’s (Intermountain Acoustic Music Association’s) website. For this article, I will be talking about my design process in redesigning their website.

Basic Wireframing:

I first started with creating sketched wireframes to get ideas of where I wanted to have images, paragraphs, and interaction items. This part of the design process is important for getting started, but it is also important to remember that sketches of wireframes are bound to change drastically.

Then I went to reorganize my ideas in Sketch, and my idea of what I wanted the home page to look like was completely redone. As directed, I put up layout guides to help me line up different items neatly in grayscale. Having the wireframes be grayscale and avoiding putting in actual content makes creating a layout of the start of designing easy to do, and helps not confuse clients that might think this is the final project

Mood Board Creation:

After getting a good idea of where I wanted the information to go, I created a mode board of color ideas and fonts. I took the colors from pictures that were on the website itself to recreate the whole websites color scheme. Having a design template for colors, fonts, and buttons is highly useful for creating the high fidelity compositions near the end of the project.

Assembly of Assets and Design

Finally, after gathering all the necessary pieces for the composition to be complete, I put together images, and the website’s text together. Here is the comparison of the current website and my design below:

I have rearranged information even further since I found there was more information on the website’s original homepage that I felt like should have been kept. I also got rid of the redundant side menu because the top menu had all the items. I also redesigned the logo because the way I was going to use it would not work for the original design that already existed.

Final Thoughts:

This was a good project that helped me look at how to improve the design of an already existing website. As a first solo design project, I think it’s pretty good. I have received feedback about it, but I do see that improvements can be made on my design as well. You can look at the mobile version of the web design in this Invision Prototype.

Chelsea Stamm is a student in the Digital Media program at Utah Valley University, Orem Utah, studying Web Design and Development. The following article relates to The Non-Profit Website Redesign Project in the DGM 1230 Course and representative of the skills learned.

I am a budding web and app designer who likes to learn new technologies, and use creative means to solve problems.