Evermore App Proof of Concept

App Design and Prototyping

The Process

Evermore Park Branding

There were four main items I considered when it came to creating the branding: imagery, icons, colors, and fonts.

Evermore App Style Guide
(Left: evermore image, Middle: my image w/ phone, Right: my image w/ SLR)
Smoke Filtered Image

Site Map and Wish List

As always, this was a messy and evolving process. The first thing I usually do is scribble on my large sketchpad, and create a feature “wish list” of everything I was thinking of adding. This was so I didn’t get locked into a specific design using a design tool first.

Key Features

Everything needed from the Home Page

This app design was set up in a way where people can have different levels of immersion if they so chose. I put the most important components of the app up front on the landing page, which includes the map which would show the customer’s location in the park, the park’s daily schedule, and a way to pull up a QR code (or what would be called *Runes) for easy access to your tickets. This helps those who just want to explore and see the shows do that easily just from the first page.

Landing Page: Map, Schedule, and QR

Keep Track of Quests, Characters, and Locations

The next most important feature I felt the app needed was a place to keep track of Quests, Characters, and Locations. I found evidence of this being a need of park goers whenever I went to the park. For background, I usually always bring a notebook with me, which is something that people see and wish they brought. They don’t normally think of pulling out their phones for notes. But if there was a dedicated app function for it, *people may turn to it more.

Other Features

Along with the key features I thought were important, I added other features that fit an app like this, and that would help park goers and their experience while at the park have a good time.

Concepts not in the Prototype

This prototype was focused on the LORE event at Evermore Park, but all in all there are three or four different events that happen throughout the year. What I would add to the app’s overall design would be different colors and font pallets for each season, as to reflect the color and font changes that happen on Evermore Park’s website.

The Style of Evermore Park’s Site During the AURORA Event

Conclusion and Take-a-ways

Throughout creating the app’s design, I made sure to match all the icons I added, all the images, and color concepts to align with Evermore’s brand, and I believe I accomplished that to some degree. I also added different concepts that the park currently does not have, including a way to order food in advance, and scan for lore beats via QR “Rune” codes.

Thank you for reading!



I am a budding web and app designer who likes to learn new technologies, and use creative means to solve problems.

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Chelsea Hansen

I am a budding web and app designer who likes to learn new technologies, and use creative means to solve problems.